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Paying Your Rent

How do I pay my monthly rent?

We make it easy for our tenants to pay their rent through a secure online system at for only $3 per transaction.  This service allows you to pay your deposit and rent on or before the 1st of the month to avoid a $50 late fee.  It allows us to refund security deposits to you electronically, and send email reminders. 


Pricing: What are the fees for using eRentPayment?

The transaction fee for “one-time payments” or monthly “recurring payments” is $3 per transaction.  There are no monthly, activation, or set-up fees so there is no cost to register with our service. You don’t have to worry about hidden fees as the transaction fee is the only fee charged.  Once your Lease Application has been approved you simply register and create a “profile” on eRentPayment and set up your payment choice.

There are two payment options:

Most tenants select automatic withdrawal to avoid a $50 late fee if rent is not paid on or before the 1st of each month but that is your choice.  ​

  1. Sign up for an automatic withdrawal called a “recurring” monthly payment, so you never have to worry about a late fee if you get busy and forget.

  2. Sign up to manually make a “one-time” payment every month from your cell phone, lap top or computer. 


Do I have to create a profile?

Yes, Renters are required to create a profile on the eRentPayment service in order to submit a Rental Payment. Creating a profile allows the Renter to easily submit Rental Payments without having to re-enter their account information for each payment. Creating a profile also allows the Renter to receive payments from their Manager, such as a Security Deposit Refund.

What is the Renter Code used for?

When a property is added, a Renter Code will be input by the Property Manager and this will be used by their Renters to add the property to their profile. This ensures the Renters add the correct property to their profile. The Renter Code can contain characters or numbers but it must be unique in the system. The Renter Code can only be obtained from us through erentpayment.

How do I know the system is secure?  (From

Keeping your financial information secure is one of our top priorities so here are some of the processes we follow:

  • Our site uses industry-standard 256-bit encrypted Secure Socket layer (SSL) technology with enforced 2048-bit CSR encryption so all communication between your browser and our website is secure.

  • Your sensitive information remains private and accessible only to you through your password-protected account.

  • We never send or request your bank account information through email.

  • Our servers include advanced intrusion detection systems, denial of service mitigation, and are connected via redundant carrier grade internet backbone connections.

  • Sensitive data is encrypted using strong encryption approved by the US government, which is the industry standard in the financial industry for data protection.

  • Our servers reside in an access-controlled data center monitored by video surveillance and roving security guards 24/7.

  • We have application level monitoring of logins and transaction activity.

  • We are fully insured for Technology Risk, Professional Liability, Fraudulent Activity, and Privacy Breach.


Can payments be reported to the credit bureaus so I build credit?

Yes.  when you initially click on the "Make A Payment" link above there is an option to "Build Credit History by Paying Rent" by clicking on the "Sign Up Now" link.  There is no charge for this service and by the end of your stay with us, you should have an excellent credit score!  

Can a prepaid debit card be used with eRentPayment?

Yes, if the prepaid debit card allows ACH debits the card can be used with our service. The card holder should contact the card issuer to first confirm if they allow ACH debits and if so what routing number and account number should be used with that particular card. We recommend the NetSpend card below for use with our service:


Can payments be submitted via telephone?

Yes, we allow Renters to submit payments by telephone. The Renter must already have a profile created on the eRentPayment service to submit payments via telephone. To submit a payment via telephone the Renter will be required to provide the following:

- The Renter Code of the Property they are submitting a payment for.

- Their User Name.

- The last four digits of the Bank Account they are submitting the payment with.

How are transaction fees processed?

For each Renter-to-Property Manager payment submitted on eRentPayment, a $3 transaction fee will be debited from the bank account of the Renter, (Payee). The transaction fee will be a separate transaction from the transaction crediting the payment amount to the Payee.  For example, if a Renter submits a Rent Payment of $950 for the whole apartment or $475 for half the rent, this will be deposited into the Property Manager's account and $3 will be debited from the Renter’s account.   If a Property Manager submits a payment to a Renter, such as for a Security Deposit Refund, the Property Manager's account will be debited the $3 transaction fee.


Do you receive a confirmation that a payment has been submitted?

For each payment submitted on eRentPayment, the Payer and Payee will receive a confirmation email with the transaction id if a valid email address has been entered in the profiles for the users.

How do I contact eRentPayment if I have a problem?

You can use one of the following options to contact us, please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions:



Sales and Support:
Activations and Authorization Forms:

eRentPayment Customer Service Representatives are available to assist you
Monday through Friday 9:00 AM MST to 5:00 PM MST


Metro Denver: 1-(303)-459-4990
Fax: 1-(866)-373-7591


What are the Registration steps for a Renter?

Please have your RTN (Bank Routing Transfer Number) and Bank Account number ready

  1. Once your Lease Application has been approved and electronically signed, the Property Manager will email you the eRentPayment "Renter Code" for the specific apartment you are renting.

  2. Click on the "Make A Payment" link above or go to the Home Page; click on the Register link as a "Renter/HOA member and enter your "Renter Code".

  3. Enter your profile information and the system will send you an email to set your password.

  4. Login using the password you set.

  5. Enter your checking or savings account information to use for submitting payments; additional bank accounts can be added after the registration process is complete.

  6. You will be prompted to verify your bank account through small deposits sent to your bank account.

  7. After verifying your bank account you will be prompted to set up recurring payments.

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